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SigmaPro1524 Hybrid Inverter 1500W Peak 4500W Pure Sine Wave Power Charger Inverter Single Phase 120VAC 24VDC with 80A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

SafeGuard Power Solutions

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Product Overview

SigmaPro User Manual

SigmaPro series specsheet

Proudly introducing the all NEW single phase SigmaPro series from SPS, with capacity from 1.5KW-4KW and DC 24V/48V. These high quality all-in-one solar charger inverters are so versatile in every environment.  Whether your needs are for a few key appliances or multiple major appliances, you can rely on the SigmaPro series to provide you with constant pure sine wave output to give your appliances maximum protection and optimum performance.  These 120Vac inverters can connects to multiple power sources to give you the flexibility to customize to your environment.  The inverter connects directly to solar panels with built-in 80A MPPT solar controller, auto charges deep cycle batteries, and when battery voltage is low, it auto-starts generators (via dry contact) to continue charging the battery.  The design of these inverters are built with elegance and class while internally uses the most advanced technologies. With the easy programmable LCD display, you can customize output voltage, frequency, charging voltage, charging current to suit different load applications. SigmaPro - the all-in-one reliable inverter for residential and commercial uses.


  • Single phase 120 Vac, 24/48 Vdc
  • 1500 Watt Pure sine wave output
  • 4500 Watt Peak
  • Start electric motor:  1 HP
  • Connect directly to solar panels (built-in 80A MPPT solar controller)
  • SBU mode
  • Communication port to monitor solar activities
  • Generators compatible
  • AGS - Auto generator start when battery is low (via dry contact)
  • BTS - Battery temperature sensor port (sensor not provided)
  • Auto switchover once utility power restores
  • Friendly user interface:  MFD (multi-function display)
  • 3-step charging
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Power-save mode
  • Adjustable charging voltage/current
  • Adjustable low battery cutoff setpoint (20/21/22V or 40/42/44V)
  • Set battery/utility priority modes
  • Set ac input wide/narrow range
  • Adjustable output voltage (100/110/120V)
  • Set frequency (50/60Hz)
  • Set utility charging on/off
  • Transfer time AC/DC - DC/AC:  15 ms
  • Ideal for:  Home, RVs, Boats, cabin/vacation homes
  • Applications:  Refrigerators, Freezers, Tankless water heaters, Well pumps, Power tools, and many more general home appliances.

Package Content:

  • Communication cable
  • User Manual

Warranty Information

Standard 1-year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review