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Sigma Overview

SafeGuard Power Solutions - Built on product quality; grows on customer satisfaction; driven by innovations.  We provide solid solutions to real world power problems.
Sigma Series Overview
Now, proudly introducing the ALL NEW SigmaPro and SigmaMax series inverters, designed to be multi-functional, environmental friendly, user friendly and most of all power dependability.
The Problem:
Natural disasters, power grid unreliability, off-grid locations, high electricity bills, continuous power demands, precision equipment power requirements.
The Solution...
Instead of this
You have this
Instead of this
You have this
Sigma Series SBU mode (Set by the MFD display):
The SBU mode prioritizes solar energy.  SBU: "S" for solar, "B" for battery, "U" for utility.
- When solar panels are connected and sun light is sufficent, inverter will convert solar energy via integrated MPPT controller and provide power to load while charging the battery.
- When solar panels become insufficient or if no solar panels are connected, inverter will convert battery DC power to AC load.
- When battery falls below 20%, inverter will remote start generators (if connected via dry contact and if generator has remote start capability) or allow utility power to pass through to loads and to charge the batteries.
This smart workflow not only provides all your loads with pure sine wave power output, it is also the most energy-efficient way to get the job done.  In addition, using less power during peak 
hours could slash the utility bill by half.
For further assistance on sizing out the proper inverter size and get recommandation on solar panels and batteries, contact us today with your monthly power usage in watts and one of our representative will be able to further assist you.