ATTN:  For HUGO products shipped between 2/12-2/18, we have noticed on some units, the screws used to attach the hanging brackets does not match the screw holes on the unit.  This is a problem happened at manufacturing, using M5 tapping tool will easily fix the problem.  For expenses incurred on purchasing tapping tool or new screws, please contact for reimbusement policies.  Products shipped after 2/19 will NOT have this issue.  Thank you for your cooperation.
For customers in Texas:  All orders will be expedited.  Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day, after 12pm, orders will be shipped the following business day.  If 2nd day shipping is requested, SPS will pay 50% of your shipping cost in an effort to help customers in need.


Industrial Battery Backup Systems

At Safeguard Power Solutions, we strive to provide innovative solid solutions to real world power problems.  From battery backup for gas appliances to hybrid inverter for whole house or key appliance applications, we bring forward a range of products that not only offers quality and innovation but also a great customer service team that proud stands behind every product we represent.  We have been supplying the industry with some of the best battery backup solutions for several years and we are recognized by some of the nation’s top tankless water heater manufacturers, utility companies, plumbing distributors and wholesalers. Our team carries extensive experience, skills, and knowledge about the industry.

For information on our battery backup systems or any power solution products, call us today at 855-484-6797.

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