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HUGO Features & Benefits

We can't control what mother nature does, nor can we prevent power failures.  But we came up with a solution to at least give you hot showers and warm rooms in time of need.
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- ETL certifed
- 350W / 500VA pure sine wave output
- 12V 35Ah deep cycle SLA battery
- 15 years battery shelf life
- Tempature sensor (anti-frost assist)
- Flow sensor (extend battery usage)
- IP54 all weather proof
- Maintenance free
- Indoor/outdoor mount
- Easy installation
- Application:  gas tankless water heaters, direct vent heaters, furnaces, boilers, room heaters and many other gas powered appliances.
How is HUGO different?
HUGO operates differently than the conventional battery backup system for computers.  Although still acting as a battery backup and supplying power to the appliances, HUGO is very different on the inside.
To begin with, HUGO is a true pure sine wave UPS that provides the most reliable source of electricity, as if your appliance is plugged into the wall and gets power from your utility provider.  Pure sine wave not only protects your appliances, it also helps your appliances to operate at peak efficiency.  
The flow sensor included in the HUGO-X1R is another reason that makes HUGO unique.  This sensor gets installed on the cold water supply line.  Whenever user switches on a faucet or shower head, the sensor recognizes movement of water flow and commends the HUGO to begin providing output.  If the flow is not observed, HUGO will remain in standby mode.  This feature allows the battery to be used almost 100% toward hot water usage and also gives our customers days of service during a power outage.
 In addition to the flow sensor, HUGO is also built with a temperature sensor that detects the ambient temperature.  For areas that have freezing temperatures, this function is particularly important.  When power is lost, the anti-frost mechanism of the tankless water heater will not work and can cause the freezing pipes or heat exchangers to crack or burst.  The temperature sensor will override all standby conditions and force HUGO to provide output power at 37 deg F so that the anti-frost mechanism of the tankless water heater (typically kick-in at 35 deg F) will work properly.
Aside from the above, HUGO provides many more features, such as deep cycle SLA battery (shelf life 15 years), 12ms transfer time, self maintenance, input voltage monitoring, overload and short circuit protection, etc.  HUGO is also designed in a very durable and rugged all-metal case that would allow HUGO to be fully waterproof for installation in any environment.