Uninterruptible Power Supply Benefits

What uninterruptible power supply benefits can you reap from using Hugo?
There are several advantages to having a battery backup system.  When your power goes out, you can run into a cascade of problems. For one, you may run out of hot water, so showers, baths, and using the dishwasher are going to have to be put on hold. The Hugo Battery Backup System is specifically designed to keep tankless water heaters and gas appliances running even during the instance of a power outage. In fact, the Hugo Battery Backup System allows many hours of continuous operation over a spread of several days.Power outages are becoming increasingly more common—they’re are not only occurring during times of extreme weather. There are more and more power failures throughout the United States every year, and it’s only increasing.
How Uninterruptible Power Supplies Benefit Your Appliances
As we already know, Hugo can keep your water tanks alive if your power suddenly goes out. However, Hugo also provides some other great advantages.  If you have a power outage during the winter months, Hugo can keep your space heaters, room heaters or boilers running for extended periods of time.  Hugo is also compatible with furnaces as well as other gas appliances.  The Hugo product is designed for both indoor and outdoor mounting applications.  It comes with a weatherproof, heavy gauge metal enclosure.
What Else Can Hugo Be Used For?
Hugo weighs in at only 45 pounds, making it suitable for mobile applications. While it does offer mounting capabilities, it was also designed to be portable. If you should decide to go camping and need a power source to charge your cell phone, tablet, computer, or even your CPAP machine, this is the perfect solution.  For information on how uninterruptible power supplies benefit your home, call us today. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have.