Temperature and Flow Sensor Uses

There are several temperature sensor uses as well as flow sensor uses and benefits. Here, we will discuss the advantages they can have for your tankless heater systems.

Flow Sensor Benefits

Typically, when you run a HUGO battery backup without a flow sensor, you can expect roughly 5 to 13 hours of continuous extended use of the backup or an average of 2 days of regular use with standby time. However, one great flow sensor use for your tankless water heaters is it will allow your battery backup system to last much longer. With the flow sensor, you expect your back battery to last anywhere from five to seven days. This is because the batteries “flow sensor” only allows the unit to turn on when it senses running water. During times of non-flowing water, it doesn’t eat up the battery backups’ power storage. If you wanted to take a shower, this allows for multiple showers each day for up to a week.

Another Temperature Sensor Use and Benefit

The temperature sensor provides some great advantages. For those who live in cooler climates, if you were to experience a power outage, your tankless heater water’s heat exchanger may begin to freeze. What the temperature sensor will do is work seamlessly with the heat exchanger to power up the ceramic resistors inside the tankless heater. This allows the heat exchanger to reheat the water and prevent any freezing or cracks inside the tank. With this added benefit, you can rest assured your tank will hold up in cold weather if you happened to be out of town.

For more information about flow sensor uses as well as temperature sensor uses and benefits, be sure to contact one of our team members today.