Tankless battery backup without Flow Sensor

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Without Flow Sensor

Introducing HUGO-X1R - The only battery backup system designed especially for tankless water heaters.

Hugo is a compact unit that can mount right next to your existing tankless water heater and can be installed in minutes. Unlike other battery backup systems that offer only minutes of backup protection. Hugo can keep your system going for up to a week without power.

Packed with intelligent features that work seamlessly with gas-powered tankless water heaters, i.e. flow sensor, temperature sensor, pure sine wave, automatic switch over, etc.

Power rating of 350W/500VA is suitable for all gas-powered tankless water heaters and many other gas appliances.


The True Solution to Tankless Water Heaters


  • 5-13 hours of continuous operation
  • Portable or permanent mount
  • Indoor/Outdoor installation
  • IP54 grade for all-weather protection
  • 35Ah AGM non-spill battery
  • Sound/Visual alarm
  • LED indicator for easy troubleshooting
  • Flow sensor switch to prolong battery life
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Anti-Frost assist
  • Auto activate within 8ms upon power outage
  • Auto reset when main power becomes available
  • Auto switchover between main power and inverter mode
  • Built-in fuse to prevent board burnout and to protect downstream appliances
  • Solar capable
  • SMART technology to ensure constant clean power
  • PURE SINE WAVE Technology
  • Output: 500 VA / 350 W

HUGO, the complete maintenance free battery backup solution for all gas-powered tankless water heaters and appliances during power failures.


HUGO-X1R new feature (attention Rinnai users):


  • HUGO-X1R has added a delay shut-off function.  With the flow sensor connected and activated, when user turns off faucet or shower head, HUGO will remain providing power to tankless water heater for an additional 5 minutes before shutting down.  This allows tankless to be in continuous cycle when user is turning on and off the water during showering or washing dishes.  This "delay" feature also solves the published technical issue with Rinnai users.  This "delay" feature will allow Rinnai's servo valve to perform properly during restart cycle and therefore eliminating the issue of no-flow as identified by some users.
One year manufacturer's warranty on material and workmanship excluding battery. Three (3) months full warranty on included battery.

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